International & Industrial Payroll Services (IIPS)

Our Mission

To promote and enhance the full and active participation, of working men and women, in the political and socio-economic activities of South Africa. We do this through developing organisational and leadership capacity of trade unions and Labour focused social organisations to enable collective bargaining on incomes and social livelihood issues.

Our Vision

The vision of IIPS is to work towards a Democratic Society which treats all people with dignity and respect. Through Human Resource Development, IIPS provides Quality Skills Development for Individuals and Companies. IIPS values are those enshrined in the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa. These include:

• Human Dignity, • Achievement of Equality, • Non-Racialist and No Sexism,
• Honesty and Integrity.

It is our Company Policy to offer Equal Employment Opportunities and Development to all Employees.

The difference between success and failure is a great team.


The Power of Partnerships

IIPS knows that being a Partner with someone means that you do business based on Relationships not just Transactions.

• A True Partnership provides a platform that will minimize risk.
• It also encourages mutual growth and evolution.

The difference between success and failure is a great team.

Our Commitment to You!


• INTEGRITY - building relationships on honesty & trust
• FLEXIBILITY - adapting to specific or changing needs
• INNOVATION - continually enhancing product & price
• FOCUS - service excellence
• FAST - delivering a.s.a.p.
• DEDICATION - utmost respect, service and courtesy
• PASSIONATE - about all we do
• TRANSPARENCY - the key to our success



• Service Superiority and Sales are inseparable
• Great Managers keep their promises to their Customers and to everyone in the Organisation



• Service Superiority is a Philosophy • Service Excellence begins within the Organisation
• It does not just happen - it is planned and executed
• Service Superiority means our Service is unmatched in the market place



• If we tell you we will do something, we will do it!
• We will do everything we can, to help you succeed
• We will bring our best attitude to your business everyday


You’ll never have a product or price advantage again. They can be easily duplicated, but a strong customer service culture can’t be copied.


IIPS has nearly 20 years of experience in the Labour service industry with a level 2 B-BBEE status.

IIPS has consolidated a comprehensive range of value offerings to enable access to the entire spectrum of People Management Solutions from one convenient source. Broad Choice and Total Flexibility are all part of our Service Offering. A single service may be customized to your needs, the entire universe of options can be accessed, or a mix of products can be selected. It is our aim to partner with our Clients and to this we are committed to learn more about your business and the industry you operate in. As a valued Client, you have unique needs. IIPS understands this and is therefore flexible in adopting our offerings to meet your needs and business requirements. IIPS takes pride in being a responsible Employer, ensuring that we are fully compliant with all Labour legislation and relevant industry agreements that our Clients operate within. In order for us to maintain a consistently high standard, we maintain a database of Trained and Skilled Flexi-Employees whom are available on short notice for Contract Work. Industries we supply include the Petrochemical Field, Sugar Mills, Paper Mills, National and International Contract Work. IIPS is currently negotiating a Contract with an International Organization in supplying Coded Welders to Holland and Nigeria. IIPS pride itself in having our own Sub-Contracting Department in the Engineering Field. Our competent team consists of Boilermakers, Pipe Fitters, etc. working under supervision of our Field Engineer. Due to our competitive rates and value offerings, we secured work in Richards Bay Minerals (Rio Tinto) for the installation of their new silo’s as well as Sub-Contract work with Bateman. We offer complete payroll facilities through a nationally recognized payroll system and statutory payments as required by SARS. Another of IIPS’s value offerings is in ensuring our Clients of a Legal Service in the Recruitment and Disciplinary Fields. Our HR and Payroll department has more than 30 combined years’ experience ensuring all legislations are always up to date and enforced. We use 3rd party Auditors for effortless reconciliations and submissions, ensuring we comply to statutory deadlines, accuracy and transparency.

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Background Overview

In the world of Customer Service, it’s important to remember your competitor is only one click away

Due to an increased demand for outsourcing of Labour and payroll administration, IIPS has expanded their business to all major cities, including, Gauteng, KZN, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and East London.

Our CEO who is a qualified Mechanical Engineer has within the last 25 years been extensively involved in the carrying out of shut downs, turn-key and fast track projects for large construction companies such as Murray & Roberts, Richards Bay Minerals, Frankipile, Sappi Saicor and Sasol ll and lll and has vast experience in shut downs. Whilst working for several years in the construction industry as a project manager, he has built up broad experience and successfully been involved with numerous petrochemical shutdowns. He was the area manager for Incorporated Labour Brokers which was the biggest private motor vehicle movers in the Country.

Description of our Business

Our main aim is to promote growth in individuals and organisations through Education, Training and Development. IIPS delivers Quality Service to Clients in a Professional manner by supplying the market, Local and International, with Contracting Staff, Ad hoc Personnel, and Flexi Employees & Permanent Personnel.

IIPS enable our Clients to concentrate on their core business and growth of their business whilst we take care of and deal with Unreasonable Unions, Strikes, Unfair Dismissals, Wage Negotiations and Disciplinary Actions. Through Service Excellence we assist with Payroll Administration, Industrial Relations, Talent Acquisition, Contract Labour and Shutdowns. The following services are offered: • Talent Acquisition • Placements of Ad hoc Personnel • Sub-Contracting in Engineering Field • Payroll Administration • Industrial Relations • Contract Labour • Permanent Placements • Transportation • Training • Education & Development • Cleaning Services (Industrial and Domestic) • Security Guards • Polygraph Testing

Talent Acquisition:

Our main objective is to source the most suitable candidate for our clients, and it is of utmost importance to receive a comprehensive job description from our client to enable our Recruitment staff to ensure that we source the most suitable candidate. IIPS provides a professional talent acquisition service to our clients by ensuring the most suitable candidate is sourced, either from our data base, advertising or head hunting. We do background checks to retrieve records of applicant to ensure the best candidate, we do verification of qualifications. Criminal and Credit background disclosure. We use verification Programs and Companies: Accountability, Facts and Accurate Assignments. IIPS is a competent provider of scarce skilled talent. IIPS has developed methods to source professional candidates for our clients from our well-established database and networks locally and nationally. Description of our Business 8 Corporate Profile

Permanent Placements:

IIPS’s permanent recruitment solutions fully support the preferred employer, with sound talent attraction and retention strategies of its clients to ensure a positive return on a company’s Human Resources investment. IIPS’s national branch infrastructure is supported by screened candidates across most industry categories - from entry level to senior managers and executives. With our continuously updated database we can ensure to provide your company with the best suitable candidate. IIPS uses some of the best requirement software through Placement Partner. We use a cloud recruitment software solution that has evolved over a decade to become the ultimate recruitment and CRM tool, helping us leverage our own data into Making More Placements. Our vacancies are advertised via seamless two-way integration with our website, job boards and social media channels that candidates are using. Therefor we are attracting the right candidates fast. Our executive search and general management staffing solutions have been successful in recruitment for the Manufacturing, Transport, Logistics, Engineering, Sales industries in the Western Cape, KZN, and Eastern Cape and Gauteng with personalized service and with video and conference call where possible to introduce top candidates. IIPS will charge a very competitive placement fee, based on the annual salary package of the successful candidate, we will guarantee a free replacement candidate within three months if the probation period was not successful. IIPS are in a joint venture with VORSTERS SECURITY (PTY) LTD, Psira – 2893140 who supply security guards Level E to A and also in joint venture with IPS CLEANING SOLUTIONS – Cleaning Services.

We service clients in the following categories of employment, but not limited to:







Transport & Logistics



In the construction field we offer the following service:

  • All Industrial Trades
  • Skilled and Semi-Skilled Artisans
  • Recruitment of Skilled and Semi-Skilled Artisans
  • Placement of Skilled and Semi-Skilled Artisans
  • Placement of Drivers and Checkers
  • Permanents Placements or Limited
  • Duration Placements
  • Industrial relations services offered are:

  • Employer/Employee Contracts
  • Disciplinary Procedures
  • Enforcement of company policies & procedures
  • Union negotiations
  • Wage negotiations
  • CCMA, CDR, DRC and other legal forum representations
  • On artisans the fee structure varies as it is an hourly rate charged and also variant from contract to contract. IIPS falls under the medium category but already the demand is exceeding the supply. IIPS services a need in an industry which has been neglected in the current political dispensation with regards to the training of artisans such as welders, boilermakers, electricians etc.

    We strive to be a provider of employment and skills to the unemployed. SA Government is taking in consideration of the employment and buildup of all South-Africans via the Skills Development Funds and grants.

    Councils we are registered with:

    MEIBC - Metal and Engineering Industry Bargaining Council

    NDCRFLI - National Bargaining council for the road freight and Logistic Industry

    NBCEI - National Bargaining Council for the Electric Industry


    General / Yard Workers

    Yard Workers will all receive comprehensive training to enable them to provide a professional service. Our Drivers and Yard Workers will all be issued with uniforms to ensure uniformity at all times. A Contract Supervisor will be appointed to liaise with and provide our Clients with the necessary service and relevant information with regards to Movements, Timesheets, General Queries, In-house Training, Standards and Procedures, etc. Each IIPS Flexi-Employee is assigned with a Four-Hour Guarantee. This means that should the Client find an IIPS Employee assigned to be unsatisfactory for any fair reason; the Client may notify IIPS within four hours of commencement of the assignment and request that the assignment be terminated. In this event, immediate arrangements will be made for a new assignee.

    Try not to become a business of success, but rather try to become a business with value!

    Skills Training

    Our training is aimed at unemployed as well as currently employed members of the community. The unemployed will be uplifted and equipped with the necessary information to assist the needy in their community, and possibly opening up opportunities for themselves. The employed will benefit by being able to provide an additional service to their employer and enhancing themselves with regards to better working opportunities and to possibly benefit financially by their additional knowledge.

    We are aware that services easily become a commodity product if we are selling on price. However, when service becomes a focus, it is a competitive advantage that is not easily copied. Many tasks done by our employees have nothing to do with Client Satisfaction; they are done to satisfy internal demands. Creating service excellence should be a priority for all our Flexi Employees.

    Our training material is outcome based and our facilitators are trained to this end. Therefore, we:

  • Embrace the adage of people growth through competitive Training Services in the workplace.
  • Advance communities to be able to feature in the ever-growing technological world.
  • Operate with utmost integrity with the view of always keeping up with new trends.
  • Co-operate with Government
  • Department regarding New System Requirements.
  • Always adhere to and comply with laid down Quality Management Systems as decreed by the Seta’s.
  • Focus on keeping sound and responsible Financial Position of the Company.
  • Adhere to good Corporate Governance.
  • Fee Structure

    IIPS does a complete need analysis with our Client and can therefore offer a Client and Service Specific fee structure which in turn is competitive and market related. The following is taken into careful consideration when negotiating our fee structure with our valued Clients:

  • Hourly Wage
  • Benefits Paid
  • Statutory Costs and Levies
  • Recruitment Costs
  • Management of Flexi Employees
  • Administration Costs
  • Payroll Cost
  • Financing: Terms and Conditions apply
  • Quality Policy Statement

    IIPS shall ensure, through its management, that its client’s company policies and procedures are met and that every effort is directed to ensure that employees are directed towards achieving and meeting our own and clients’ desired quality goals. IIPS shall work in accordance with our respective clients ensuring that the specified quality requirements are achieved for all the company’s services. IIPS are ISO9001:2015 certified to ensure quality control, quality management of administration, audits and job performance. Managers will be responsible for maintaining quality control procedures in their areas and ensuring line supervision commitment and awareness of quality requirements. Accountability for possible quality failures will rest with the manager in charge, from where the quality failures originate.


    Health & Safety Policy

    Our training is aimed at unemployed as well as currently employed members of the community. The unemployed will be uplifted and equipped with the necessary information to assist the needy in their community, and possibly opening up opportunities for themselves. The employed will benefit by being able to provide an additional service to their employer and enhancing themselves with regards to better working opportunities and to possibly benefit financially by their additional knowledge.

    The attitude and co-operation of each employee shall ensure that the health and safety conditions are achieved, and losses minimized. The staff / management commit us to active participation in the implementation of the accident prevention policy.


    Environmental Policy

    All resources utilised in industry and elsewhere originate within the natural environment and therefore is the responsibility of each individual and groups of individuals to ensure that conservation become a generally implemented practice...

    The policy of IIPS has the greatest respect to the importance to the conservation of our Natural Environment, and the wellbeing of the community and that of our employees. We shall therefore not partake in any activities that will be detrimental to our natural environment, wellbeing of the community and that of our employees. In cases where the work scopes require such activities, we shall take precautions available to prevent a negative impact on the natural environment, the community and our employees. In the event of our activities influence the environment negatively; we would do anything practicably possible to rehabilitate that environment that was affected by such activities. The co-operation of all our employees shall ensure that this policy is implemented across the complete spectrum of our operations. Staff and line management commit themselves to active participation in the conservation, and when required, rehabilitation of the natural environment.

    This shall be done by:

  • Smoking in designated areas only;
  • Disposing of waste in bins supplied by client and ourselves;
  • Falling in line with the clients’ waste management program

  • In the event of exposure to hazardous conditions the necessary precautions will be taken to ensure that the health of our employees and that of the community is not compromised under any circumstances i.e. noise pollution, gas omissions, exposure to hazardous waste and flammable substances. All resources utilised in industry and elsewhere originate within the natural environment and therefore is the responsibility of each individual and groups of individuals to ensure that conservation become a generally implemented practice, in order to ensure these resources remain available to our future generations.


    The Power of Equity Policy:

    It is company policy of IIPS to offer equal employment opportunity and development to all employees without regard to race, creed and or religion.

    IIPS and its management shall strive to ensure equal opportunities for the disadvantaged sectors of the community, when employing personnel. We firstly recruit personnel locally to the areas of work, and if the required personnel are not available locally we revert to recruitment from other areas. It is also our intention to sub-contract our Labour supply requirements to local empowerment brokers. IIPS has ongoing training and development courses offered to all our employees with a view of bridging the gap between the previously disadvantaged groups.


    Sanitation & Cleaning Services


    High pressure cleaning, sanitation, microbial fogging, gutter, roofing and paving cleaning and chemical sales

    IIPS trading as IPS cleaning solutions:

    IIPS has been operating as IPS in the cleaning industry for several years offering services such as high-pressure cleaning, post and pre-occupation cleaning, pest control and more. In light of the global COVID-19 pandemic IIPS adapted and broadened its operations to include and also provide essential products and services related to the worldwide health

    pandemic. From foot stands, sanitisers and facemasks, to thermometers, disposable breathalysers, and more! We sent staff for training and we now also specialise in MICROBIAL FOGGING AND FUMIGATION services which can be applied to sanitise entire offices, kitchens, trucks, workshops, or any large areas inside a facility.


  • High-pressure cleaning - roofs, pavements, gutters
  • Plant wash - drains, trucks, boats, and machinery
  • Microbial fogging and sanitation services – Covid-19 fumigation, Sanitation booths
  • General cleaning – post and pre-occupation, skyscrapers, and high windows
  • Pest control – fumigation, traps, relocation
  • Sales – sanitisers, floor cleaners and general-purpose cleaning products

  • We recently teamed up with a local production company to use, sell, and distribute a proudly South African 100% ORGANIC BASED sanitiser that is safe and certified, unlike many chemical or alcohol-based products on the market. It is certified and tested, non-toxic, non- corrosive, non-hazardous, and kills 99.999% of all of harmful moulds, bacteria, and viruses including the SARS COV-2 virus a.k.a COVID-19... It can be sprayed on humans, animals, food, clothing, textiles, and electronics as it is completely organic with additional health benefits over and above its sanitation application.

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